Lenten Lessons

During the season of Lent, we are studying key elements of our faith. Each week features a short summary of that week’s focus, and then six days of scripture reading and three questions meant to help us reflect on what we have read.

Ash Wednesday-First Saturday

The series starts with Jesus being tempted in the wilderness after his baptism in the Jordan River. Download this for Ash Wednesday through the first Saturday of Lent.

Week of First Sunday — RELATIONSHIPS

This first week, we focus on the keyword of relationship — with God, with loved ones, and with our communities. Paul’s collection for the church in Jerusalem is one of the points for study this week.

Week of Second Sunday — TRUST

This week’s keyword is trust. Our scripture lessons illustrate people who had trust in God, those who failed, and some who struggled at first but eventually found trust in God. Jeremiah and Gideon are two men we study this week.

Week of Third Sunday — OBEDIENCE

The story of Elijah shows that in the highest of highs and during the lowest of lows that we should remain obedient to the God who entrusts us with the mission to love others in this life.

Week of Fourth Sunday — PROVISION

The Israelites were trapped between an oncoming army and the Red Sea. Yet, God provided. Our word for this week is Provision. Let’s reflect on how God has provided for us, including Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross.

Week of Fifth Sunday — WISDOM

We continue our Lenten Journey by examining traits that help us boost our connection with God. This week, we use the story of Josiah as an example of exercising wisdom.

Week of Sixth Sunday — EXCUSES

The story of the first recorded sin is also the story of the first recorded excuses in the Bible. Contrast that action against what Jesus did: No excuses but obedient service to God in the mission to save humanity.